Welcome to AIM to Align

Mentoring for health and wellness of your mind, body, and spirit.

Does this describe you?

Have you ever…


  • run into an obstacle that seems insurmountable?
  • experienced a prolonged, unexplained illness or pain in your body that multiple doctor visits have failed to identify and alleviate?
  • spun with unhelpful thoughts that distract and bother you?
  • railed at God or blamed your Higher Power for your less than ideal circumstances?
  • felt so angry or sad that you had a hard time forgiving someone?

Would you love to…


  • explore ways to make obstacles less menacing and easier to manage?
  • uncover and address the messages your body is telling you?
  • recognize and stop the spin, so you can be happier and more productive?
  • repair your relationship with your Higher Power and experience the blessings that flow from a higher level of trust?
  • find peace and purpose in truly forgiving (not forgetting or condoning)?

Ready for Change?

What we offer

Life Mentoring

Emotion and body awareness

Adult childhood work

Goal setting & sparking creativity

Forgiveness & apology work

Healthy grieving

Happier parent-child relations

The A.I.M. Philosophy


We are surrounded by abundance (enough and to spare) and learn to receive everything that a benevolent Higher Power created and intends for us.


The meaning or intention we give our choices and experiences directly impacts our physical and emotional health and our ability to receive inspiration. We adjust our meaning and intention to heal mind, body, and spirit, which allows us to recognize and receive inspiration, unleashing our self-expression and creativity.


All of our wholesome desires are created spiritually first by principles of abundance and intention/inspiration. As we exercise faith and perseverance, they manifest (show up for us) physically.

Thus, we “AIM to Align” with principles that help us receive God’s abundance and inspiration to manifest things that make our lives more joyful and help us fulfill our purposes.

About AIM to Align

At AIM to Align, we understand pain and the desire to be free of it. We’ve been through physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, neglect, rejection, loneliness, ridicule, anger, fear, hopelessness, and more. We’ve visited multiple doctors and therapists with the stigma of diagnoses that include fibromyalgia, anxiety (GAD), depression, ADHD, IBS, and complex PTSD. We’ve seen the ugly side of suicidal ideation and have been rescued by hope in Christ, acknowledging our need for a Higher Power. We choose not to be defined by our past, except to learn from it, to express gratitude for how it shaped us, and to assist others who may be struggling.


Our occupational goal with AIM to Align (formerly AIM 2 Heal) is to facilitate connection, understanding, healing, and integration of a client’s mind, body, and spirit with the help of God (or whatever you might call your Higher Power). We assist individuals who are ready to learn and implement new, effective ways of feeling and thinking (being) and behaving (doing). We believe that anyone can learn new tools and create incremental changes to experience greater prosperity, connection, joy, and gratitude on a daily basis, no matter the current circumstances. Our goal is to be there for you, so you can gain clarity and align with your mission, purpose, goals, and dreams. We support you, until you don’t require our services anymore.

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1) Mentoring is not a substitute for medical, dental, psychological, ecclesiastical, financial or other professional help. Continue to take medication and perform other actions as prescribed by such authorities. Mentoring is intended to supplement and complement other services and to fill in emotional, spiritual, and other gaps. During mentoring, you may be referred to one of the aforementioned professionals for additional help beyond the scope of mentoring.

2) Your results are dependent upon your willingness to be open and honest and to follow through with our recommendations. If you consistently have issues completing tasks or failing to show up for appointments, you may be asked to reevaluate your reasons for seeking mentoring and may be prohibited from returning until you are more committed to the work required to align to your personal vision, forfeiting any remaining mentoring opportunities and financial investment. We encourage you to stay in contact and show up however you are.

3) Respect for your privacy is assured. However, AIM to Align is a mandatory reporting agency for abuse, neglect, threat of suicide or other harm.

4) Your payment and attendance at a consultation are your acknowledgement and agreement of these provisions. See scheduling page for payment information.